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What to Know Following Amazon’s 1Q23 Results

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April 27, 2023   Over the last 6 months, Amazon has instituted layoffs across the organization totaling 27,000+ staff, shuttered non-strategic businesses, paused expansion of its fulfillment network and transportation capacity, and retrenched on its physical store grocery business, all in response to a weakening macroeconomic backdrop and a desire to improve profitability.   Investors […]

Up to Speed on Retail Media – April 2023

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April 24, 2023   We’ve organized our 2023 retail media research along with the highlights of what we saved offline into one, easy to digest thematic-based email.   It will get you up to speed quickly and will be particularly useful for those building a deck or other reports on retail media.   The format […]

1Q22 Amazon Research Summary

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February 15, 20224 minute readA Collection of Research & ArticlesAmazon is the central driving force behind digital commerce, growing its gross merchandise value 23% Y/Y in 2021, amounting to $124 billion in incremental GMV during the year, while also enabling $31 billion in advertising spend. The account is massive, dynamic, and challenging to manage.  This post aims […]